TTAPI is committed to providing major AI platform services related to Vincentian graphs, including Midjourney, Dalle3, Stable Diffusion, etc.

Currently, Midjourney officially does not support API services. TTAPI outputs a complete set of interface services in the form of API through the Midjourney account in the agent operating platform

No, you don't need any Discord account and subscribe to the Midjourney paid plan, you only need to pay per image you generate

Yes, use your own Midjourney account pool, and private deployment has been included in the next development plan

Yes, TTAPI has been in operation for more than 8 months, and is gradually improving the existing functions in the system, and will continue to provide more stable and richer services in the future

Quota refers to the accounting unit within the TTAPI platform. The reason why quotas consume differently for different types of requests and different interfaces depends on the GPU consumption time of the accounts in the platform's Midjourney account pool. All proportions are priced after a large amount of data observation.

The total quota refers to the frozen quota + available quota. When you create a task, a certain quota will be deducted based on the task's pricing and added to your frozen quota until the task ends. Automatically deduct your frozen quota and total quota

It has been observed that the operation in v6 mode consumes 1.5 times the GPU time of other modes, so it is more expensive

Except the three parameters --relax, --fast, --turbo that define the usage mode, the rest are supported. Some special parameters will affect the price, such as --v 6.0

--cref is a new command launched in Midjourney 6.0 and can only be used in 6.0 mode

The timeout field represents the task processing timeout. If it exceeds the time you set and the task is not 100% completed, the task will automatically be treated as a failure. Generally speaking, tasks in fast mode can be basically completed within 120s. Tasks in relax mode depend on Midjourney's official performance pressure and can generally be completed within 600s. The default value of timeout is 300s. You can set it yourself according to the mode used and the timeliness requirements of your own business.

The hookUrl field is used to receive TTAPI's task success & failure notification interface. When you create a task, you set the hookUrl field, and this field is an accessible address. When your task succeeds or fails,

Refunds are not supported if normal use is caused by non-platform operating conditions, so you need to consider your usage when recharging.

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