Log & History

TTAPI platform upgrade log

June 19, 2024

  • Midjourney API add Prompt Checker endpoint, Perform pre-validation on the submitted prompt to meet the needs of users in different scenarios. This endpoint is free. Please pay attention to the frequency of use when calling it. High concurrent calls are prohibited.

June 11, 2024

June 05, 2024

  • TTAPI adjusts the prices of Midjourney API edge interface & SwapFace API interface according to actual costs. After the adjustment, the fees and costs are more reasonable and more in line with actual usage needs.

    • The U operation in turbo mode of action endpoint is reduced from 2 quota to 1 quota

    • The describe endpoint no longer need modes, removes the mode field, and the usage fee is reduced to 1 quota

    • The blend endpoint no longer supports turbo mode

  • The price of swapFace face-changing endpoint has increased from 1 quota to 2 quota

  • The quota for 1024x1792 and 1792x1024 images in HD mode on the dalle3 endpoint has increased from 3 quota to 4 quota

  • The prompt of Midjourney Imagine endpoint supports translation function and can use any language. TTAPI will automatically translate the prompt into English.

June 01, 2024

  • Midjourney API returns a JSON structure with new image width and height fields: width and height

May 16, 2024

April 20, 2024

  • Added DALL·E 3 endpoint
  • Added SwapFace change face service
  • Optimize the Midjourney action endpoint, add the getUImages field, and store the addresses of all four small images containing UI-U4 tasks to the TTAPI storage service. Users can choose whether to generate them according to their own needs. To reduce the storage pressure on the platform, if it is not needed, please upload false or do not process this field.

April 03, 2024

  • The Midjourney imagine endpoint adds a getUImages field and the CDN addresses of the four small pictures stored in TTAPI for some users who only need to use the U operation after using the imagine command. To reduce platform storage pressure, if not needed, please upload false or do not process this field.

March 26, 2024

March 23, 2024

  • Midjourney API adds blend and describe endpoint
  • Added Upscale(Creative) Upscale(Subtle) button in Midjourney API v6 mode

February 02, 2024

January 29, 2024

January 12, 2024

  • TTAPI connects Stripe payment
  • Adjust Midjourney API v6.0 mode price

November 12, 2023

  • TTAPI official website released
  • Release the basic endpoint related to Midjourney API