Midjourney Holding Account

TTAPI's Midjourney Holding Account Docs


Host your Midjourney & Discord account via TTAPI to use the Midjourney API

How to Use

Step 1

Login in TTAPI and choose Midjourney tap. before use you need click ADD SUBSCRIPTION button to subscribe us paid plan at first, and $6/month each account, you can choose the number of subscriptions based on your usage account

After subscriptions, You can see the number of seats in your account in the upper right corner account

Step 2

Click Add Account Area to bind your discord account, before bind you need to prepare a discord account that meets the following requirements account

Add Name and Discord Authorization Token, and choose a subscribed order which you just paid. account

Step 3

Then, you can use Midjourney API with your own account, The PPU mode and Hold Account mode of TTAPI are used in the same way. Just use different hosts