Questions and answers related to TTAPI account system

Prices and offers

TTAPI quota refers to the unit of the TTAPI platform, 1 USD ≈ 100quota. Different command operations and button operations consume different quotas. The detailed analysis is shown on the price page.

Recharge $100 to enjoy a 5% discount ($95 = 10,000quota), recharge $500 to enjoy a 10% discount ($450 = 50,000quota). If you have a single recharge of $1,000 or more and a stable daily consumption of 6,000 quotas or more, you can contact us to recharge manually to enjoy greater discounts.

What is freeze Balance

Quota refers to the unit of account within the TTAPI platform. The frozen quota refers to the quota occupied in the process when requesting certain endpoints of TTAPI, such as the 'imagine' endpoint, and the task has been successfully submitted but has not yet been finally successful.