Getting Started with TT API

  • TTAPI Contains Midjourney API, Dalle3 API (unofficial), Face Swap API.
  • TT API is a relatively stable (operating for more than a year) and the most affordable Midjourney API service provider on the market.

How to Use

Step 1

The first step is ready your github account to register on the website (opens in a new tab).

Step 2

After registration, your will receive a email with 30 quota free TT-API-KEY.

Step 3

Then, you can have a try with Midjourney API


Pricing of ttapi platform products, including Midjourney API, Dalle3 API, SwapFace API,


$1 ≈ 100 quota. Recharge (opens in a new tab) enjoy up to 10% off

Midjourney Price

Action / ModeFastRelaxTurbo
3 quota (≈ $0.03)2 quota (≈ $0.02)5 quota (≈ $0.05)
upsample1 quota (≈$0.01)1 quota (≈$0.01)1 quota (≈$0.01)
upscale26 quota (≈$0.06)not support12 quota (≈$0.12
upscale418 quota (≈$0.18)not support36 quota (≈$0.36)
seed1 quota (≈$0.01)1 quota (≈$0.01)1 quota (≈$0.01)
describe1 quota (≈$0.01)1 quota (≈$0.01)1 quota (≈$0.01)
blend3 quota (≈$0.03)2 quota (≈$0.02)not support

DALL·E 3 Price


TTAPI platform DALL·E 3 is priced at 25% of the official OpenAI price

Size / Modestandardhd
1024x10241 quota (≈$0.01)2 quota (≈$0.02)
1024x17922 quota (≈$0.02)4 quota (≈$0.04)
1792x10242 quota (≈$0.02)4 quota (≈$0.04)

SwapFace Price

Each Create SwapFace endpoint consumes 2 quota, and free for fetch endpoint. It is currently is the lowest price on the network.

Midjourney Hold Account Price

Each Discord Account Seat $6/month. Free to use Midjourney API unlimited

TTAPI Domain

Help and Support

If you have any problem, please contact us